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My name is Jane and I am 19 years old. I have been a writing nerd since I was eleven and am now a cynical English major. I play the piano and the guitar and I'm working on learning to play my dad's old harmonica. I love flaming hot cheetos, Dr. Pepper, and curling up to read a nice book on any given day. I'm laid back and pretty happy with how life has been treating me.

The UC's Personified as Brothers

  • Note: My friend and I wondered what the UC's (University of California) would be like in real life. This is the result.
  • Berkeley: The eldest. Very "hip" and beatnik. Wears thrift store clothes, listens to vinyls and can quote anyone from Ginsberg to Vonnegut. Always carries a camera and hides his science books from his friends.
  • Davis: Has so-so hygiene habits, mostly from riding bikes all the time. Is very hard working and loves to garden.
  • Santa Barbara: Very laid back and chill. Surfs a lot and has a relaxed vibe all the time. Can throw a hell of a party.
  • Los Angeles: Studies way too much. Always has his nose in a book and can come off as very intimidating. Hates Santa Cruz's hygiene habits.
  • Riverside: The often forgotten, but very accepting brother. Everyone avoids him for his looks, but he is fairly intelligent and nice.
  • San Diego: The "coolest" of the nerds. Wears glasses and has a calculator in his pocket, but he pulls it off. At night he's a party animal among his fellow hip-geeks.
  • Irvine: Nobody really sees him much. He hangs out in the background a lot which causes his achievements to often go unnoticed (though he can sometimes be smarter than his older brothers).
  • Santa Cruz: Into free love and long hair. Never wears shoes and is willing to accept anyone. Thinks LA is uptight.
  • Merced: The runt little brother that everyone forgets about.
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